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Inter Translation offers to international companies and to their expatriated executives a complete range of relocation services within the region of Nord Pas de Calais (Lille, Arras, Calais...)

· A Presentation of the region
We will introduce you the region from the tourist and practical angle

· Locative housing-seeking or acquisition of an accommodation
From the clearly specifications defined in advance, We will search for you every corresponding accommodation and come with you during the inspections.

· Lease – inventory of fixtures
We will be present during the inventory of fixtures and translate the contract terms before you sign it up.

· Setting up of all contracts bound with the accommodation (French Electricity Board, gas, phone, cable network, insurances, ...)
We will accompany you during your moving in and will open electricity, gas, phone, insurance…accounts for you.

· Opening of a bank account

· Children starting school
We will inform, advise you about the different schools and will help you for the registration.

· Equipment purchasing
We can also come with you in order to buy all products you may need and ask for an estimate for the
maintenance of your house (architect, plumbing, electrician, ...)

· Administrative steps
We will help you to solve your everyday life problems (administrative steps,…)

· French lectures
We offer you individual or group lectures in French.

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