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Translation into all languages :
INTER TRANSLATION offers a wide range of languages for your translations :
· European languages include: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch etc.
· Eastern European languages
· Scandinavian languages
· Arabic
· Asian languages 

All subjects :
We translate documents on all professional subjects :
· legal: contracts, statutes etc.
· commercial, financial: catalogues, brochures, annual reports etc.
· tourism: Brochures etc.
· marketing
· supply
· computing, audiovisual
· medical
· literary 

With all media :
If you wish, we can return your documents to you via :
· CD
· floppy disc
· paper
· fax
· e-mail
· modem 

All documents that you entrust to us are treated in the strictest confidentiality. 

Our service guarantees the highest quality for each of your translations. Prior to being returned to you, each translation is checked and proof-read by our services in order to correct any typing errors, punctuation, dates etc. This type of proof-reading is included in the translation price.
Certain translations intended for publication, such as leaflets, websites etc., can be handed over to a second translator, who will proof-read the translation within its context. This translator will carry out any necessary modifications and ensure the completion of the text. This type of proof-reading is subject to a supplementary charge.
Your translations will be carried out by specialists who only translate documents into their native language. 

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